Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Churn Dash

When I went to the guild workshop I made one 12" churn dash block. I really do like this block design and while I was at the workshop I was speaking with a woman and we both agreed that we really liked this block when it appears in different sizes in a quilt. know what happened next don't you?

I don't often use 12" blocks but I thought they would look great with some 6" blocks.

I do like 6" blocks a lot but I also like 3" blocks too, so one thing led to another and a few 3" blocks turned into 16.

Look at the difference in size - I think a quilt made up of all of these block sizes should look pretty good. I am going to continue making these blocks in all three sizes but I will also add lots of scrappiness to it as well.

I am heading off to Toronto this morning and I am taking Kathlene's flimsy with me for show and tell. My Mom doesn't use a computer and she really does like to see what I am working on especially if it is a family quilt. I know she is going to love this one for sure! I plan to be back early enough to take care of some things around the house and to also spend some time in my sewing room. You know that a day without sewing is well.....not a good day!!


Deb A said...

Have fun today! Those churn dash blocks look great in all the sizes. What a great idea. I love your sisters is stunning.

Terry said...

I love churn dash blocks! I'm looking forward to seeing yours all put together! :0)

Quilter Kathy said...

And a new (and awesome) scrappy quilt was born!
So fun!

audrey said...

It's a great block to play with!