Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quilt Surgery

Last night I decided it was high time that I did a little bit of this.

My husband and I settled in to watch a movie and I started quilting. All was going well until I moved my hoop to a new area and I saw a tiny piece of fluffy lint on the quilt top. I picked it off the quilt top and lo and behold there is a bare spot underneath where the linty bit was.

This bare spot does not go all the way through but I do think it weakens the area. What to do...what to do??? I decided to leave it alone for the night and put my quilting away while I thought about how I should proceed.

While I was sleeping I was working out what to do. I did have a couple options - I could just leave it and hope that a hole does not appear in the quilt, I could remove the whole piece and add in a replacement or I could applique a patch over it. I finally decided to applique over it because this quilt is hand pieced and I don't know where I originally started or stopped my sewing thread when I pieced it together. If I break the sewing stitches I may end up with multiple sections of the star needing attention.
I used the template from making the quilt to size the new patch
applique in process
Once I decided on applique I also decided that I would make the applique 'patch' a little smaller than the original - I didn't want to make the seams any thicker and I wanted to stay away from the center of the star - way too bulky already. Luckily I still had quite a bit of this fabric leftover that I intend on using for the binding.

Here it is all finished - I did not cut away the fabric from underneath because I didn't want to risk the integrity of the piece. I did my best and I don't think anyone would really notice unless they knew to look for it. This is a very close up shot of the patch and it does blend in pretty well. My quilts are meant to be used...none are ever perfect...but they are made with love. They each have their own little personalities and flaws ummmm character!


Peggy said...

Well, I certainly wouldn't have seen it if you hadn't show it to me. Good job!!!

Deb A said...

I had to make the pictures really big to see the issue! You came up with a great solution. That can be the 'game' with the quilt - find the patch! I read somewhere that they used to make scrappy quilts have one fabric used only once. The kids kept quiet and busy when sick looking for that one fabric.... Not sure if it is true or not though.

audrey said...

Wonderful fix! Glad you caught it when you did.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Wonderful! Another unique quilt with a little surprise! Your attention to the little details is amazing. Love sis

Quilter Kathy said...

Brilliant repair... no one (except all your blog readers!) will ever know