Thursday, September 5, 2013

Prep Work

Yesterday and today have been spent working on getting things prepared. I have decided that in order to stay on track with making my midget blocks and my Dear Jane blocks that I will need to prepare my blocks ahead of time on a regular basis. If I have each block ready - fabric chosen, freezer templates made, etc., then I have no excuses not to complete them. I do know me and I am a procrastinator by nature so if I can put something off I certainly will! I wonder how long I will be able to keep this goal on track???

I am also getting these sweet fabrics ready to take to Toronto with me tomorrow. They are already prewashed and ironed so all I had to do was press out the creases. I still need to spend a bit more time cutting them into 10" strips. I will be spending the day running errands with my Mom and sister Cheryl, meeting up with my eldest son Adam, and also going to Cheryl's place to cut these fabrics for a winding ways quilt using her Go Studio. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

My niece Kim asked for a quilt to be made with either baby pink or baby blue and brown. I got the brown down no problem - it has a small amount of light pink and light blue in it and it will work perfectly. It is really hard to find a nice selection of baby pink or baby blue fabrics within my $ budget and that don't look... well.... babyish. I did find these sweet dusty pink fabrics quite some time ago (September 2011 to be exact - but who is keeping track anyway?)  but I was just waiting for inspiration to hit. It sure did take a long time!! I think they are going to look gorgeous in a winding ways quilt.

This is my rendition using EQ7 - of course the fabric/colours are not exactly the same but it does give a general idea of how it will look.


Deb A said...

That is going to be beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I think it will look very pretty! Looking forward to seeing you today. Love sis

Julie in GA said...

That quilt will be gorgeous! I love pink and brown together.