Monday, September 9, 2013

Kathlene's Quilt Progress

I have been happily working away on the quilt blocks for my sister in sporadic bits of time over the past couple days and these little power sewing sessions have been adding up. I now have completed all of the 448 green triangle pairs that I need for the blocks...I actually made several more than I needed.

I still have a lot of these green quarter square triangles left over and they will get put away into my parts bins for now. They may languish there for a while but when I need them I will be happy that they are ready and waiting for me.

I have now finished the green triangle sets as well as the blue/purple triangle pieces.

My next step is to sew more of these sections of the block. I am making triangle in a square blocks using all shades of purple from deep dark to med/light purple and from blue purples to pinkish purples. I need four for each block and I already have 52 completed - just 172 more to go!


Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Love it! You go Ellen! So many pieces for this block. Cannot wait till you get your blocks done so we can see this quilt top. Love sis

Deb A said...

You are making great progress on this quilt! So much easier when all the parts are made and you just get to play and sew them into blocks. Love the colors in this one.

audrey said...

Love how you put that 'little power sewing sessions'. So true! Great work plowing through the tedious bits.:)