Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Coming Together!

I got out of bed at 4:45 this morning because the newspaper delivery guy hit our blue box recycling bins at the end of our driveway and dragged them onto the street. It caused quite the racket and that was it for me - I was wide awake. It gave me an earlier start to my day so I decided to take advantage and I headed for my sewing room.

So far, I have been putting in most of my time on this quilt just completing the segments that make up the blocks and they were ready to come together. All of the corner sections were finished and I just needed to add the sashings within the blocks.

This whole stack was sewn incorrectly.....grrr!
It did take a bit of doing to get all of the corner sections finished though because I kept making silly mistakes. Yesterday, I was sewing this last batch of pieces together and what do you know...I sewed the green triangle to the wrong end. It should have been added to the end with the wide base of the triangle. So I had to work a bit backwards but I did get them all fixed.
I think my design wall looks pretty good and my sister is going to be so happy! I have finished all of the blocks now and just need to start sewing them together.

The blocks will finish at 10" and because my design wall is quite small at the moment I couldn't fit very many on it. There are 20 on the wall and 39 in this pile - I have an extra one because of the sample block I made as a test.


Manuela said...

It looks so fantastic.

Have a nice weekend, Manuela

Cathy said...

That looks fabulous!

Deb A said...

It looks amazing! I think we all tend to make those mistakes... very frustrating having to frog things out when we want to sew!

Grit said...

That looks absolutly wonderful.

Julierose said...

What a huge project--lotsa pieces and matchings...hugs, julierose

audrey said...

Very exciting! Stick with it--you're doing great!