Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dear Jane - Jud's Trophy (B-10)

I really like the fabric that I used for this block - I only had a fat quarter of it and thankfully because these blocks are so tiny I still have just about a full fat quarter left!

I did my usual process of prepping for making the segments of the block. I take a square of freezer paper and trace the block design on it and then I carefully cut the individual pieces out so I can iron them onto the fabric.

You see those little teeny, tiny triangles around the center square?  I automatically did my usual process but after I ironed them onto the fabric I realized that, my oh my, they were just way too tiny to sew them onto those little center bits so they were discarded. So my next thought was that I should sew the center bits together and then applique them onto a background piece. Well, I got as far as sewing them together and then realized that it would be really hard for me to applique them. So, my next idea was to cut a square of the center fabric and do some reverse applique. I think this was only my second attempt at reverse applique and it turned out quite well. My little center piece turned out a bit smaller than it should have and that was because when I snipped the inner corners I wasn't too sure how close to get and I guess I didn't go in quite close enough. I used a Frixion pen to mark the guideline for my applique - so glad I found these pens. I do hope that once they are heat removed that over time the marks don't come back!

Once I got over my complications with the center square the rest of the block was easy peasy to put together - just straight line sewing. I am so loving my Dear Jane journey! It is really challenging for me and I am learning so much. I am not sure why I had such a long lapse from working on it.


Deb A said...

My goodness that is tiny! Great job at working though the issues and coming up with a solution. Another one marked off the list! Love the fabric choice.

Aunt 'Reen said...

There are lots of teeny pieces in this one. Congratulations - your block is BEAUTIFUL Ellen!

Cheryl said...

Great Job Ellen!
Your block fabric choice is perfect.
love sis