Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chain Piecing - Gotta Love It!

I have been working on the blocks for my sister Kathlene's quilt and I have decided that my plan of attack will be to make all of each block component before moving onto the next. I feel very confident doing that because I already made one test block and it turned out just fine. The block I am making does have a lot of pieces but they can be easily broken down into segments and chain pieced. I have started with the corner triangles and chain piecing really does make it a lot easier to tackle the block one bite at a time.

I am using one specific purple fabric for the square in the corner and the side triangles are from a selection of scrappy blue fabric. I plan on making 56 blocks and I need 4 of these triangle segments per block. I now have all 224 pieces made, pressed and dog-eared and it didn't hurt at all!

I have bundled them into groups of 20 using these hair clips. I found these clips at a local retail store and they were very inexpensive. They seem to be working quite well at keeping things organized.


lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

Looks interesting,I will be watching this one grow.x

Aunt 'Reen said...

wow, 224 triangle segments... that's a lot of piecework! They look great so far, I'm looking forward to following your progress on this quilt.

Cheryl said...

Way to go Ellen! Love this quilt block. Excited to see it together. Love sis