Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quilting Fun

On Thursday I went to Toronto to take my Mom grocery shopping and to pick up my brother Aron, my sister Cheryl and her son Mark. My brother and nephew were coming to my place to help my husband put the insulation in the second half of the basement and to install the vapour barrier, but my sister Cheryl was coming here for fun!!
My sister Cheryl designed and made this quilt for her son Mark
Cheryl brought two quilt tops with her that she wanted quilted. The first one we did is going to her son Mark and it is just gorgeous. Cheryl designed the quilt herself basically just as she was sewing the blocks together and making each decision as she went. I think it turned out just gorgeous.
Quilt front and backing fabric - made by Cheryl for her son Mark.
I quilted it using a star burst pantograph and I am getting better and quicker at it too! This quilt was a big one - I can't remember exactly - but something like 80" x 90".

Baby quilt designed and made by Cheryl.
The second quilt is another one she designed herself for the unborn grandchild of one of her friends. It is just so cute...cute...cute!! I free-motion quilted this one with loopy loops and I love how it turned out. It was approx a 46" x 46" square and it literally took no more than an hour or so and it was done. I was kind of sorry it finished so quickly!

I love the new thread that I am using for the long arm. I did have a couple thread breaks on the larger quilt but I honestly think it was from operator error and not the actual thread. It is making it so much easier to work on the quilts now that I have changed to this brand of thread.

While Cheryl was here she needed to go to Fabricland to pick up some pink hand sewing thread. While we were there I did some damage. I really should not be buying any fabric but in my defense how can I resist when it is only $3-$4 per meter!


Cathy said...

What pretty quilts! I would have had a hard time walking away from those kinds of prices myself.

Linda said...

Your sisters quilts are wonderful. Especially love the pinwheel quilt. Great colours.

Quilter Kathy said...

Such wonderful quilts you got to work on! How fun to have a quilting sister, eh?
Your purchases were essential/basics...I see bindings and backings and lots of "must haves"!

audrey said...

Those quilts do look fun! It's much easier to quilt on something you're enjoying looking at.:)