Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Quilt Beginnings

Test block - not perfectly square but I do like the way it looks!
My Mom is getting older and things are becoming challenging for her so I try to go to Toronto once a week or so to take her grocery shopping and run errands and such. When I visited last week I also took a 'whole lotta' fabric with me so that I could cut it using my sister Cheryl's GO Studio cutter.
This is what a bucket of fun looks like!
I have a new quilt in the works but I needed to make a sample block before I committed to cutting all of the fabric. By the time I did that I had run out of time and I had to leave my fabric behind. I had intended on cutting it all on my next visit but my sweet sister Cheryl cut it all for me. Lucky me...huh!!

I will cut these 1.5" strips into triangles and squares.
I have been waiting very, very impatiently to get my hands on that fabric so that I can start working on the blocks. Today was the day I went visiting again and I really couldn't wait to get home so that I could get started. I plan on making a few more sample blocks - some like the one I already made - and some with the flower print and yellow/green squares reversed.

I need to see how the blocks look together before I decide how I want to proceed with this quilt. I am making this quilt for my sister Kathlene and I think she is going to just love it!!!


Deb A said...

Ohhhh. Lucky you to have a sister to cut those for you. That is a stunning block. I can't wait to see more.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

This block is so beautiful! Kathy is just going to love it. It is a feminine little block and you are using her favorite colours. Going to make one beautiful quilt. Love sis

Cathy said...

I like that block too. You sure find some unusual and challenging looking blocks.