Sunday, July 7, 2013

Trials and Tribulations

Friday morning I drove my sister and her quilts home to Toronto and we picked up my Mom to take her to the bank and grocery shopping. We were leaving the bank parking lot to go across the street to the grocery store when my brakes failed!!!! I couldn't believe it ..... my foot was to the floor but I was still moving. I had just had my front brakes done a couple weeks ago so I didn't understand what went wrong. Thankfully I was driving very slowly and was able to recover. I use my parking brake all the time so it is in very good working order and it sure came in handy. I did get across the street into the grocery store plaza and there I stayed. I called my husband to come and help us and then my Mom and my sister and I went into the grocery store to get our shopping done. We were finished shopping but my husband had still not arrived so we sat in the car in the pouring rain and had cookies and lemonade and had a nice, wet visit for an hour or so. You have heard of the saying when life gives you lemons - make lemonade - hee hee. It just so happened that we were having a major rain storm with a very heavy, long lasting downpour. Unfortunately, when I parked I was quite a distance from the grocery store and we got absolutely soaked getting back to the car.

When my husband arrived we transferred the groceries to our van and he drove the car slowly, with me following behind, to the corner where there was a repair shop and I left him there. I drove my Mom home and then my sister and I carried on with our plans. (Ultimately, the car needed to stay overnight so they gave my husband a lift to my Mom's where I picked him up later in the day.)

Cheryl and I were on a mission to buy some quilting thread. I have been using So Fine but it was shredding and it is very expensive so I wanted to try a new type. There is a Canadian supplier called CanSew and they sell a product called Poly Plus 65/2 that I want to try. I know that many other long arm quilters use it and are very happy with it and the price is a lot better as well. They have a location in Toronto so we decided to give it a go. There is a minimum $ order so after spending the money I hope that it works well for me. I plan to give it a test run in a couple days and I will give a review of my results.

My car is all fixed now - apparently the brake line corroded and that is why it just let go. I am so glad it didn't happen when I was driving at a high rate of speed and needed to stop quickly. When they had it on the lift they showed my husband that the gas line was badly corroded as well and it needed to be replaced. We are talking $$$ here but you gotta do what you gotta do. My car is old now, it is a 2001 and even though we have kept it well maintained, things are just wearing out.
This morning my husband brought me a Canadian Tire sales flyer and said that maybe we should buy these for my car because it is showing it's age and it can use some 'gussying up'.  He is just so funny! What do you think??


audrey said...

That would not have been fun! So glad for you that you were not going fast. The eyelashes might be a bit over the top, but you never know, maybe it will help the car feel better about it's age.:)

Quilter Kathy said...

Wow...that was a close call...could have been a disaster!
I saw the car lashes on Dragon's Den!

Peggy said...

Well, anything to make a girl look pretty! LOL! Glad everything worked out for you. And happy to hear of a Canadian supplier for LA thread, will be checking that out!

Rose Marie said...

Same thing happened to us with our old car .... I know the feeling and it is scary! You didn't have the work done at Green & Ross by any chance?