Sunday, July 7, 2013

Three Quilts Quilted!

We did it - we got it all done! My sister arrived at my place Wednesday morning and we started our quilting marathon at 10 am. We didn't get all three quilts finished until around 10 or 11 pm on Thursday and by then we were totally done in. I am still getting to know my machine and things like tension settings and such are still a challenge for me but I think I am getting the hang of it - at least I hope so. By the time we got the last quilt done our feet were screaming at us and we were beyond tired but really happy!

Kevin's Quilt
We started with Kevin's quilt and it is quilted with a very dense and challenging pantograph. I think his quilt took a long time because of the difficulty of the quilting pattern but it was totally worth it. I know that as I do more pantograph quilting that it will become so much easier for me and I will become better at it as well.

Gary's Quilt
The second quilt done was Gary's and it was quilted with a fun starry pantograph. I had no issues at all with the quilting and his quilt went quite quickly.

Cassandra's Quilt
Cassandra's was the last quilt and it took an extraordinary amount of time. I kept having thread issues - for some reason it just kept shredding. I changed the needle, I checked for burrs in the bobbin/hook area, I adjusted the tension but I kept having challenges. It didn't help that we were already really tired by the time we started quilting it. Of course, we did prevail and it turned out really gorgeous.

Don't they all look fabulous? They were all quite large, I think the smallest one is Cassandra's. If I remember correctly her quilt is 77" x 83". I think my sister Cheryl did such a great job on her quilts. She really is a beginner quilter but she has progressed so quickly with her skills and she even designs her own patterns as well.

I do still have issues with how to deal with the edges of the quilt when doing a pantograph. Sometimes, the edges are not perfectly straight or aligned and I am not sure how to manage those types of issues.We all know that there really is no such thing as a perfect quilt and I am learning as I go. I am sure there is a resource available that will help me to deal with common problems and issues with quilting on a long arm.


Deb A said...

Beautiful quilts! Talent sure does run in your family. I love the second one... I'll have to plan one of those in the future.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

That was a big undertaking! They look wonderful!

Quilter Kathy said...

Great job! It sounds like learning to long arm is a lot like learning anything in quilting...a big learning curve with lots of new information, followed by lots of fun and creativity!

Peggy said...

You are doing fabulously with those pantographs! Beautiful quilts!