Thursday, June 20, 2013

Machine Quilting

Last Friday my sister Cheryl came to my place for a visit so that I could do some more practice quilting. She brought a few quilt tops with her for me to practice on. She is such a brave, brave girl!

She stayed overnight and we had hoped that I would get at least three quilts finished but in reality we only had time for two. It is taking time to get used to the new machine but with my sister's help I am getting much quicker at loading them onto the frame. I am also learning what my machine likes or doesn't like! It seems that if I use a bobbin that has the tension set just a bit too tight then I start having big problems. Problems that are big enough that I got a burr on the hook and that had to be sanded out. I am pretty sure that I have the 'feel' for the correct tension for the bobbin now and I adjust the bobbin case accordingly each time I change the bobbin. There is a device that I can purchase that tests the tension of the bobbin properly and I just may purchase one. It would make it a lot easier to ensure the proper tension each time.

I have been quilting using a pantograph and I tried a new one on the second quilt. I do need to find some resources that show how to use a pantograph correctly.  I have been winging it but I am pretty sure that there is a correct method for positioning it for the start and finish of the pattern and well...just the whole process in general.

My sister is very happy with the way her quilts have turned out. The purple quilt is for her D-I-L and the gold one is to be a gift for her friend that is getting married this coming weekend. Cheryl has been working away sewing the binding on that quilt and I hope when it is all done that she will send me a picture of the finished quilt. I think her friend is going to love it!


Deb A said...

Two quilts in two days! Great job. Love the flowers on the yellow one. No help with the pantograph - maybe on youtube?
Sounds like you just get another sister day to finish up the last one! Seems like a bonus to me.
Great job Ellen.

scraphappy said...

Beautiful quilting. You seem to be catching on very quickly.

Katie M. said...

Both are lovely. I have never used the Towa gauge, yet I know there are many who swear by it. Can't help with placement of the pantograph - I've never used one.... At this point, I'm sure you'll figure it all out, you're doing a spectacular job!