Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cutting and Prepping

Yesterday seemed to be a day for more fabric cutting and prepping and it continued into this morning. I would have to say that cutting fabric is not one of my favourite parts of making a quilt. I find it to be quite tedious at times but since it is a very necessary part of quilt making I figured I would get as much done as I could all at once. Now that I have everything prepped I can move onto the fun part - sewing it all back together.

Along with the scraps from yesterday, I finished cutting the black and white parts that I need for the Boy's Britches blocks and I also cut the pieces that I need to make my blue and my yellow star blocks. The star blocks use such tiny pieces of fabric - 1.5" squares and teeny triangles cut from 1" strips. This is a picture of some of the stars I have already made. They are so cute and worth all of the finicky cutting and piecing.

It always seems such a chore to do the cutting in big batches but when I am finished I am always glad that I did it


scraphappy said...

I actually enjoy cutting fabric! Sometimes I'll just grab a big basket of scraps and spend the day turning it into usable sizes -- it seems to productive to have everything ready to go. It is funny the parts that different people find to be the biggest hurdle.

audrey said...

Cutting is not my favorite part of the process either so I try to do it in big chunks of time. Your star blocks are looking wonderful together!

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Way to go! Now the fun part begins. Your tiny stars are amazing. Totally talented my little sister! Love you.