Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stars & Nines Borders

Original EQ Design
Today I planned on making backings for a couple quilts and also to make the borders for my Stars & Nines quilt. When I designed this top I thought I would make plain borders. I often like a plain border if a quilt is very busy especially if it is for a guy. I think it does give the quilt a nice tailored appearance.
Stars & Nines without borders.

When I posted about this quilt I thought there could be a possibility that I might change my mind and I have. As I was measuring the top to cut the first border the quilt made it perfectly clear to me that it wanted something else. (My photos never do justice to my quilt tops - insert sad face. They always look so much nicer in person.) So here is what I have come up with.

EQ rendition with new border design.
These border blocks are going to end up being quite small and will finish at 4.25". The nine patches will be made using red scrappy fabrics and only the dark blue fabric because I don't have enough of the lighter blue that I used originally. I am not too sure how the nine patches will look in real life because they will be quite dark. I hope I can make it all work - I guess nothing ventured then nothing gained. If it doesn't work out I will really be in a pickle because I won't have any of the blue left for a replacement border. I really like this border option and I hope it all ends up looking like my EQ design because if it does it is going to be fantastic.


audrey said...

I think your border idea is wonderful! Good luck seeing it through. A lot of times I have to kind of hold my breath until it's all done and I see if it works like I 'see' it in my head.:)

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I really love your new idea for a border! Love! Love! Love!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

WOW!!! Very nice.

:) Carolyn