Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Midget Block #68 - Mosaic

This is the 17th midget block that I have made and it is foundation pieced. It went together without any difficulty at all. I love the fabric that I used for this block. It is not a very flamboyant fabric but the colour is wonderful. I don't think I have too much more of it, too bad, maybe just a few small strips and pieces in my bins.

Sometimes I buy a larger quantity of a fabric that I think is the more important fabric - you know the fabric that will be the focus colour or pattern or whatever in a quilt, but really, I often find that the most important fabrics end up being the ones that support the focus fabric. You know the ones, they just seem to work well with other fabrics but they are not really blender fabrics because they can also hold their own. I usually end up buying a smaller quantity and when I come to the end of one of these fabrics in my stash I feel a bit sad and wish I had more. This is one of those fabrics - simple .


Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

It is a lovely little midget block! I like the fabric too! Those little white dots add a little uniqueness to the fabric! Love sis

Sheila said...

Your pretty block reminds me of maple leaves. I SO understand what you mean about buying fabrics. If I see a fabric I like, have no definite plans for it, might be on sale, I'll buy half a yard. When I'm using the last tiny piece, I'll wish I had bought a yard :(

Deb A said...

I have a purple fabric like that - it is getting sparse but I'm going to use every last scrap I can. Pretty block and 17 already? Great job.
I decided to 'clean/organize' my sewing room. Right now - it looks like a bomb went off and I found a bunch more UFO's and some FQ's I forgot I bought a couple of years ago! Guess I should have done this last fall like I had planned.

scraphappy said...

What a nice block. Hard to believe you are already on block 17. Enjoy the last bits of that fabric, it is a nice supporting player.