Sunday, January 27, 2013

Silly Saturday

I didn't spend too much time in my sewing room yesterday at all. I did sew together a few more baskets with a black base as a trial and I am just not sure how to proceed. I like them both ways for different reasons - the black base because it is bold and really makes more of a statement but I also like the single fabric baskets.

They look much more demure even if I use bolder fabrics. I don't really have a plan for these blocks at this point, so maybe I will just make some of each type for the RSC. I don't think it will hurt anything and I will use up scraps and I just may end up with two great basket quilts - or not.

Yesterday, there were some funny happenings going on in the kitchen. I made Thai red curry for dinner using a recipe I have made multiple times. We are adventurous here when it comes to eating different foods from many different cultures and we like spice and heat. The fun part came into play when I had a big brain cramp and I ended up adding way too much curry paste to my recipe. I used the whole container (400 grams vs 1.5 tbsp) and this is in addition to the two tablespoons of garlic/chili sauce that I used and the three hot Thai chili peppers that I added. Lets just say that when my eldest son tasted his he smiled and said 'Mom...this is the best recipe you have made so far'. He loves to eat things that are inferno hot! I knew I was in trouble!!!! Thankfully I still had three more large cans of coconut milk and I added them to the pan and even then it was still quite hot. I took a lot of the sauce out - four 2-cup containers full and I have frozen them with these instructions taped to the lids - add coconut milk, veg and protein. One side benefit is that I now have four more curries just about ready to use - I just need to add the extra Asian ingredients plus veggies and protein and make up some rice. Nice and quick and easy!


Judiquilts said...

Ellen, I'm having a giggle over your curry affair! I cheated yesterday, and bought take-away Thai! Regards,

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my goodness...that would burn my lips right off!
Your son is fearless!

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I love the Adam smiled and said this was the best thing you ever made so far...hilarious! Love both you little baskets too! Love sis