Thursday, January 3, 2013

Humming Along

Doesn't look like much now.
Yesterday, I cut the pieces for the next 6 blocks of my Engineer's Wife quilt. It seemed to take such a long time - well actually it was the picking out the fabrics that took the most time. I am working from my strip bins and using leftover bits and pieces (like those hsts) and using only brown, blue, beige colours so it does take extra time to make sure that I have enough of the same fabrics in the right widths and lengths. Why do I make things more difficult for myself? It certainly would be easier and quicker if I just cut the pieces for each block from larger whole pieces of fabric but it probably wouldn't be as much fun!

I also worked on my next midget block. It is all applique and I think it will turn out okay.  Only one quarter section is sewn down and the other three are glue basted. I plan to have it finished and ready for posting on Tuesday.

During the holidays I spent lots of time sorting and clearing up my sewing room - what a mess. It had gotten so bad that I really could not function and it was difficult to get any cutting or sewing done. I can't say that my sewing room is in top-notch condition yet but it has progressed to the point that I can actually work in there comfortably and I have been happily working away on a couple projects. I have designed a new quilt that I will be making for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I have been sewing my pink blocks. I am in love! I won't show them until Saturday but I am really excited about them.

Today is my Mom's 82nd birthday - Happy Birthday Mom!


lousnewsandcraftycreations said...

Lovely blocks,looking forward to the rainbow blocks.
I would like to make the rainbow quilt myself this year.
Laura xx

Deb A said...

Wow, lots of progress being made in your sewing room. Looking forward to seeing your new RSC project. Happy birthday to your Mom.

scraphappy said...

Your midget block is looking adorable. Looking forward to seeing what you came up with fir RSC13. Saturday seems like a long way from now though for a fun surprise.