Thursday, January 17, 2013

Barrister's Block Sow-Along

Chained Star, Darting Birds, Mosaic
I am continuing to make my blocks even though the sow-along has finished. I have been calling mine the Engineer's Wife blocks because, well my husband is an engineer, and I think the blue and brown just suit him to a T. I just finished sewing these last 3 blocks yesterday and I found that the Darting Birds block is a bit larger than the others. I don't know if I made a cutting error or if there is an error in the instructions. I do still have quite a few more blocks to sew before I complete all of the posted blocks. If you are interested in making the blocks from the sow-along they are still available on Randy's blog.

I love how mine all look together but I do see that I need to make a few more blocks that use a darker toned background fabric. I still have one set of three blocks left that just need to be sewn together and then I have to start cutting more. I had intended on getting them all cut and prepped for sewing before I stitched them into blocks but my back had other plans. Now, after seeing the blocks on the design wall, I think I should continue to just cut a few at a time and sew them together so I can see how they will all play together.

In general, my back is so much better but I still have a bit of discomfort when I stand or walk for too long. My family is happy that I am able to stand long enough to prepare meals on a regular basis again - poor babies were so deprived. Most of the painful back spasms have disappeared, I am only having occasional but very minor back spasms now, so I guess seeing the chiropractor is helping.


Manuela said...

Your blocks are wonderful.
I like the colors and fabrics.
Have a nice weekend, Manuela.

Deb A said...

Love your colors and all the blocks together look so nice.

Cheryl said...

Love your Engineers Wife blocks!

Kathy's A Quilter said...

Thanks for the great idea. Think I had better get my completed "Farm Girl at Heart" blocks on the wall and see how they play together. Yours are fabulous. Quilt On!