Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oh...the Shame of it All!

Look at what my Mom is making we wear!!
Poor Peanut! She turned 6 mths on Nov 20 and I had intended on getting her spayed right way but then we had the sorrow of my MIL passing and I didn't have the opportunity to get Peanut taken care of. I have her spaying scheduled for this Monday but I think nature has a different plan! One of her siblings has already gone into heat and I think Peanut has just started as well. I am truly not very happy about that and I don't think Peanut is either because she does not like what I made for her!

Peanut is too embarrassed to show her face!
I whipped up this little number today - just in case my suspicions are correct and I am pretty certain they are.  I used some flannel and velcro and I also inserted a layer of quilting batting inside the liners. My friend's daughter is my dog's groomer and I have her scheduled to come tomorrow to groom Peanut before her surgery. I will have her confirm it and if Peanut is in heat the vet will not do the surgery and we will have to wait several weeks. I am really, truly hoping that we will not need Peanut's fancy pants and I think she is hoping that too!!
I also made two washable liners.
Not too fancy but it will do the job!


Jo C. said...

Poor Peanut! Thats hysterical! They do get least shes stylin'.

Cheryl said...

Wow Ellen!

You are amazing! I think she looks so darn cute that all the other females will be jealous! Love sis

Quilter Kathy said...

That is a hoot! I'm sure she'll be all the rage at the dog park... be sure to keep away the boy dogs!