Saturday, December 15, 2012

Back to Earthtones

Last Christmas I had a silly thought that I would have this quilt all finished and ready to give to family friends as a Christmas gift. I took a reality check and decided that it would be quite impossible for me to get it done in time. So here we are again with the same plan but this time I think it has a much better chance of happening. The last time I worked on this quilt was July when I completed the top and set it aside for quilting - it is funny but the last post I wrote about this quilt was that I was going to make the backing and get it quilted as a priority. Well December has arrived again and I am just now making the backing and I absolutely love the backing fabric I have chosen. I have it in the washing machine as I write this and today my plan is to iron it, sew it together and get the whole kit and caboodle loaded onto the quilt frame. I don't know if I will have an opportunity to start the quilting today but I will keep the possibility open.

I am almost finished stitching the binding to the back of my Log Cabin quilt - it has a name now - 'From Our Home to Yours' and will be given to our neighbour as a thank you gift. This evening will be spent finishing the binding up and maybe even getting all of the thread tails sewn in. I would love to have it all finished to gift to them tomorrow.

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Cheryl said...


From Our Home to Yours is truly a beautiful gift to give your neigh- ours. It is a lovely quilt and I like you love the backing. Love sis