Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My husband's mother passed away on Monday, November 26. She lived a long and wonderful life - she was actually quite ancient when she died at age 97. She was a wonderful woman who loved her family well and she was equally loved in return. She was always such a busy, active person so the past several years had been difficult for her because she had declined so much. She was born in Ituna, Saskatchewan and was raised on the family farm. I guess it is no coincidence that for many years she had a fabulous garden and grew both flowers and vegetables. I swear that she had greenery growing out of her thumbs! The picture of the poppy above is from my garden but the flowers were transplanted from her garden years ago. They are gorgeous and continue to thrive and every time I look at them I will remember her.
Started 1951 - unfinished
Started 1951 - completed 1994

Adela had started piecing a quilt sometime in 1951 using fabric scraps of all sorts and her daughter, Wanda (who was a fabulous quilter), turned them into two quilts. When I took these quilts out of the cupboard I noticed that the basting stitches are still in place on one of the quilts because the border still needs quilting. Sadly,Wanda was lost to us too soon in 1998 and never got to finish it for her mother.

Rest in Peace
Adela Katherine Marcinkowski
October 28, 1915 to November 26, 2012

I am sure you have found peace with your beloved husband Chester and cherished daughter Wanda.


Diana and LaDonna said...

I am so sorry for your husband and the family. You are never ready for this to happen. How wonderful that you have such beautiful, tangible memories of her!


Cheryl said...

She had much to be greatful for! She had two wonderful grandsons and a beautiful daughter in law that really gave her the best of care! God Bless!

Quilter Kathy said...

What a wonderful tribute!
Such a lovely scrap quilt that took such a long time to complete...makes my UFO's seem relatively young!