Saturday, September 15, 2012

Enjoyable Friday

Mess of paired qsts ready for pressing and snipping apart.
Yesterday, I took some good advice and I just did a few things around the house before I wandered into my sewing room. I finished sewing the stack of qsts that I had ready to go and then I sewed a second stack as well. Getting to sew even just a little bit is very good for the soul - I truly am addicted!

Orange scraps - I must look for more!
Once I finished sewing the latest batch of qsts I started looking around for bits of orange fabric for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge and managed to find a bit. I will make up some 9 patches today for my rainbow quilt.

Later in the early evening I had a glass of delicious red wine that my son Eric had given me for my birthday. It is an Italian wine called Badia A Passignano Chianti Classico Reserva 2007 and it is wonderful. Yesterday, my sister Cheryl told me that Dr. Oz recommends you drink 1 glass of red wine everyday so I had to follow the doctor's orders!

Ironed fabric all ready to be used.
Bonnie Hunter had her quilt cam going last night and while I watched and listened I did a bit of ironing. I had been collecting fabric here and there over the past while and it had all been washed but just not ironed. Most of this fabric was purchased at Fabricland for only $3.00/m - who could resist? It has been waiting patiently for me to iron it and last night was perfect to work on it. I still have more to do and I just might get it done tonight. It's funny, but I do find ironing to be very relaxing and therapeutic.

While I was visiting my husband yesterday, the Dr. dropped in and let us know that my husband will not be coming home this weekend. The latest word is that if all goes well he will be able to come home early next week. I can't wait for him to be home but I don't want him here until he really is well. It is exhausting having him in the hospital - emotionally and otherwise.


Deb A said...

So glad you got some relaxing sewing time in. A glass of wine a day is a great idea... just wait until after you are done sewing! Hugs and hope your DH continues with a good recovery and is home soon.

Quilter Kathy said...

So wonderful to hear you had a relaxing time with the iron and the fabrics and the wine!
And great news that DH will be coming home soon.
Rest up for nursing duty!

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

So glad you were able to get back into your sewing room. I know how much you love being in there with all those lovely fabric! All the best to you and John! Love sis

Peggy said...

Isn't it amazing how therapeutic sewing can be - and even the activities around sewing, like ironing which feels like such a chore otherwise!