Friday, September 14, 2012

A Little Bit of Sewing

Boy...have I ever missed spending time in my sewing room. It felt so good to sew for a little while last night. I  sewed the stack of qsts together that I had paired up the other day and when I finished those I paired up another stack ready for sewing. I am not matching them together other than trying to get a dark and lighter triangle together. Bonnie Hunter's pattern requires 174 hourglass blocks but I will be making the quilt a little longer so I will need a few more than the pattern calls for.

I don't work today - hurray! - but I really do need to tidy up my house. I have neglected most of my chores since my husband got sick. Before I go to the hospital today I will try to just mow through the worst of it and maybe, I just might get those paired up qsts sewn together too!


Cathy said...

Sometimes there are things much more important that housework. And finding some soothing, reviving and refreshing "you" time is one of them

Deb A said...

I agree with Cathy. I try to pick one thing - get it done and then sew for a bit. Go do another thing......then sew. Works for me and I tend to get the clean up done faster so I can sew!

Quilter Kathy said...

Such a relief to do some sewing, eh? Hope hubby is improving every day.