Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yesterday Was A Good Day!

The blue looks so dark - almost black in this photo.
Look at the progress I have made on my Stars & Nines quilt - I am very happy! I made the 9 patches earlier in the day yesterday and in the evening I joined up with Bonnie Hunter and her quilt cam, along with many other quilters, and while I watched and listened I made some star blocks. I do like it so far, even though the blocks look quite big to my eye. I designed this quilt with plain borders but that may change as I get closer to seeing the blocks all finished and sewn together. It may or may not call out to me for a different border treatment - we will see how that goes.

It was a lot of fun sewing along with Bonnie, but I fear that she will not get very much done during her broadcasts and her productivity will go kaput. She has so many people joining in that it really is a huge quilting bee. Thank you Bonnie - it is so much fun!!

Sunday's are usually one of my busiest days for getting stuff done around the house in anticipation of the new work week. I usually bake a loaf bread, get laundry done, and take care of as many things as I can to lessen the burden during the week., I think I will just take another day off and just do the minimum that I can get away with. I plan to go back into my sewing room and have another relaxing day to myself, well as much to myself as possible while still house-training a sweet but saucy little puppy!


scraphappy said...

Sometimes it is nice to just take a day and enjoy. So glad you got so much done. Your quilt is looking great! I am sure that the design will reveal itself to you as you move along. I was sewing with Bonnie last night too. Long past the time I would have gone to sleep I was catching up on the ironing basket. Feels good to cross something off the list, today I will sort and put away all the assorted goodies that got pressed last night.

Sheila said...

Love your star quilt! The nice blocks break it up so nicely.

Deb A said...

I love how your quilt is coming along. I think you'll 'know' what the borders are calling for once you get the blocks all done and up on the wall. Either way it goes it will be an awesome looking quilt.
Glad you took another you day... sometimes we really need that.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Your Stars & Nines looks wonderful! I love the colours and fabrics you chose! Love sis

Jan Maree said...

It is looking gorgeous! Love the colours!

Grit said...

Wow, das sieht fantastisch aus.
Liebe Grüße Grit