Saturday, August 18, 2012

Red Crumb Blocks

My red crumb blocks are coming along nicely. I started working on them yesterday and I finished making this batch of 41 today. That means only 27 left to make for the 9 patches that go into my Stars & Nines quilt.  I don't think I will make any more crumb blocks today but I will make 9 patch blocks out of these. Maybe, I will get some star blocks made too. I plan on having an easy day with lots of down time to spend sewing and maybe even a nap! I am not going to cook today....we will have hot dogs and leftover pasta salad for supper. The past couple weeks have been quite hectic - with working, processing and freezing the abundance of beans and tomatoes from the garden, looking after the new puppy and just taking care of the all stuff that needs to be done. Add in the fact that I added one whole year to my age all in one day last week has me feeling a bit drained to say the least.

On Thursday night, I was able to watch Bonnie Hunter on her quilt cam and it kept me entertained while I made a pasta salad (I made extra for us while I was at it - I adjust the vegetables based on what I have available) for my husband to take to work for a pot-luck lunch on Friday. I had completely forgotten that I had committed to making it for him and late in the evening my husband asked me if it was ready. Yikes!

When I saw Bonnie's post that she was going 'on air' again last night I was so going to sew along but a couple gin & tonics got in the way. My husband and I were working together in the kitchen making a big batch of breaded pork chops for dinner and for freezing and he made me a couple drinks to sip on while we cooked and hung out together. I completely forgot that I wanted to sew along with her but I am sure there will be many more opportunities later.


Deb A said...

Sounds like you deserved a drink or two and some nice time with the hubby! I hope things settle down and you get some nice relaxing sewing time in. Just think how good those veggies will be once you are eating them and enjoying the snow fall this winter!

scraphappy said...

Hope you have a nice and relaxing day. I am sure that Bonnie will be on again soon. Love the red crumbs. They are so fun to sew, and such a nice way to use what you have.

Jan Maree said...

A quiet relaxing day with lots of sewing and a nap sounds like a great plan!