Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just Another Sunday

The zucchini loaves (3) are in the oven baking, the bread is rising, the dishwasher is humming, the laundry has been started. I have washed a batch of blueberries and have spread them out onto a cookie sheet for freezing and I have begun prepping green beans for blanching and freezing. Dishes are all washed and ready for the next onslaught of dirty stuff that doesn't go in the dishwasher. Grrrr...I wish my son Eric would figure out how to bring dishes down from his room. He is very good at taking them up!! Once I get all of the kitchen work and minor chores taken care of I plan on getting into my sewing room again to work on something....anything that is not housework related!

The pups are getting along fairly well. Miss Peanut is starting to feel quite comfortable now. She is really trying Molly's patience and Molly is very busy trying to make sure that Peanut doesn't have too much fun with the toys. They have little battles over toys and I caught some pictures of this one. It was really quite funny to see that little Peanut stand right up to sweet Molly and she actually won this battle.
Molly gave up and walked away

I found one puddle on the kitchen floor at the patio door at 6 am this morning. Peanut started whining at around 3 am and I got up to take both dogs out. I didn't realize it but I did make a mistake because I got Peanut into her harness and leash and I put her down on the floor to put Molly's collar on. She must have made the mess while I was busy with Molly. I can't really blame her because she probably just couldn't hold it any longer. The last time she had been out was at around 9:30 pm so that is more than 5 hours - I think a long time for only 11 wks old.

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