Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's All Over....

Vacation time has come to an end and I am back to work tomorrow...boohoo! I had a couple things on my list to get accomplished today before the day ended and one of them was to go through my reading list and get caught up on my reading and commenting. There is so much that happened over the past week - so many wonderful projects to see and read about. The creativity of you ladies (and gents?) is absolutely amazing!

I have been working on my Earthtones quilt and now I have the top all sewn together. This quilt really challenged me with all of the little pieces. There are 120 8" blocks and each block contains 40 pieces - that is a total of 4800 pieces! When I spread the quilt top out onto the floor, Molly was too lazy to even come out of her kennel to investigate. I leave her kennel door open so she can go in and out whenever she wants to. It is one of her favourite places to sleep. I plan on making the backs for all of the quilt tops I have finished over the past week or so and getting them onto the quilt frame and quilted is my next priority.

My husband and I had a wonderful vacation - we didn't really go anywhere except to the movies a couple times and we went on little side trips that were close to home. On one of the little trips I bought this little number.
My new-to-me Bernina 910
I have been sewing with it and I really do like it - a lot! It doesn't have a table and the sewing surface is quite narrow but eventually my husband will be making me a custom sewing center that will have cutouts to accommodate my sewing machines. So, in the meantime, I am using the sewing extension table from my Janome even though it doesn't fit. I have put a small box to fill in the empty space so that I can have a somewhat flat surface for sewing.

The garden is growing well and it got quite a bit of attention this week. I hope it didn't get too used it! Look what my husband found while he was weeding and trimming the suckers from the tomato plants.

He saw some movement out of the corner of his eye and thought it might be a mouse. Looks like Mommy rabbit decided our garden was a very good place to leave her baby. Don't worry, my husband set it free.


scraphappy said...

You got so much accomplished on your vacation. The neutral top is beautiful. Despite all the pieces, the colors all blend beautifully. Such a sweet bunny. Even if he isn't good for the garden, he is a real cutie.

Deb A said...

Great job on getting the quilt top done. That is a LOT of pieces in the quilt. It looks wonderful. Very cute bunny,I think the one in my back yard got all my new bean sprouts.... that or hubby forgot to water the two days I work! Hope you have a nice quiet week at work.

greelyrita said...

Boy, would I ever like to make a flimsy like yours! I wonder if it would look ok with a wider colour palette. I wouldn't have enough scraps to keep it totally to browns. The pattern is so effective though!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

Wow you have really been accomplishing a lot this week and you even had time to spend a day with me! Earthtones is really beautiful. I love all the neutrals in this quilt. Little Bunny is ever so sweet glad he was let loose to enjoy your yard and veggie garden along with everyone else!

Love sis

Jan Maree said...

Love, love, love your earth tones quilt! That is going to be a beauty! And that little bunny is just gorgeous!