Sunday, June 10, 2012

Purple Pinwheels

I am a day late showing my progress on the purple quilt that I am making for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Yesterday morning found me in the kitchen making soup and stew for the freezer so that I will have quick meals during the week when I just can't find the time (or desire) to cook. Oh the life of a working gal! I also attended a wedding shower for my dearest friend Louise's only daughter. Unfortunately, Louise was unable to attend her daughter's shower because she is 'under the weather' and was under doctors orders to stay home. She was not allowed to attend...very upsetting for her and her family. The shower was lovely and lots of pictures and videos were taken to show Louise.

First off, I am sooo excited about this little quilt! I was really stumped about how to use all of the purple hsts that I had hanging around in my sewing room. I knew I could make pinwheels with the neutral/purple hsts but what to do with the purple/purple and neutral/neutral...I had to come up with something and I think I have a good way to use them.

You can see that I tried some options but they just were not doing it for me so I went with the pretty little pinwheels and then I thought I would cut the the other hsts in half on the diagonal and make some quarter square triangles. I then sewed the purple/purple back together to make mini hourglass blocks. I wanted to incorporate them into the border so I took the neutrals that I had cut and sewed the triangles to each end of the hourglass blocks.

I laid the border pieces out on my design wall and I thought - that's not right - did I sew them together incorrectly??? Oops I forgot to take a picture but instead of laying them out on the diagonal I had laid them out straight and it was just not right! The quarter square triangles are smaller than the hsts so I will have to adjust the size of the inner border to accommodate when I get to that step. Oh my, this little quilt is going to be so pretty that I am tempted to keep it but it will go to Project Linus instead.

This morning finds me back in the kitchen and I hope between cooking and laundry that I will find some time to get into my sewing room today. It seems a bit of a sacrifice at this point but I know that the time I spend cooking/baking this weekend will save me lots of time during the week for at least a couple weeks. I will have a freezer full of home cooked, ready-to-eat meals (all I will have to add at the most is fresh veggies or salads and/or a starch ) and I won't be hearing the usual phrase from my son "Mom....what are we having for dinner....lunch....breakfast...?" I am content.


soscrappy said...

What a lovely, soothing collection of purple. Pinwheels are always a nice option. Very nice border choice. Glad you found some time to sew, working can steal time away from hobbies, but it does make paying for them so much easier.

Peggy said...

What a lovely quilt this will be! Your solution for using the dark/medium combos is perfect!

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

This is going to be a perfect little purple quilt for another lucky & loved little girl! Love sis

Deb A said...

Love how this one is coming out. The smaller inner border will really look nice on this quilt. Maybe with all the meals prepped you can sew in the evenings!