Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sawtooth Star, Hooker's Hat Patch, Dutchman's Puzzle
It's been a while since I have posted, time sure does fly! I have not been spending very much time in my sewing room at all over the last couple weeks. I am still trying to get into the 'new' routine and making things work the way that I want them to. On the weekend, I had a sleepless night and I did get into my sewing room and I made 3 Engineer's Wife blocks. I have fallen woefully behind on all of my goals but....that is no problem....because I am not a hard task master! I have been working on hand quilting my green seven sisters quilt - spending bits of time here and there over the last couple weeks quilting it. It is just not that exciting to show the same quilt over and over!

Dear Jane & Engineer's Wife
My design walls have not changed much over the past two weeks other than the addition of the latest Engineer's Wife blocks. I do want to work on my Little Houses but I am sewing them on my vintage Singer 301 and it needs some TLC. My husband is going to have a look at it over the next few days and hopefully the problem is something that is easily remedied. I do have a few projects on the go and they are all lined up and ready for my attention but I think for now things will be moving at a little slower pace. I promised my husband that I would do most of the work in the vegetable garden this year and I just know that will take up a lot of time starting this weekend.

Even though I have been very busy lately and not quilting or blogging as much, I do have to say that I am actually quite happy with the way things are going with my life. In the mornings, before I go to work I have a look at all of my favourite blogs. While I am having my morning tea, I love to visit and see what is going on - a perfect start to a busy day!


blauraute said...

Wow, Ellen, you've finished so many little house blocks and all the other things.
I've finished the top of my rainbow quilt last night. But today the wind blows and there were no possiblity to take a foto. Perhaps tomorrow. Next weekend I'll baste the quilt and start to quilt it. The next to do is my black and white wallhanging.
I hope you'll be fine?
Have a nice rest of the week and take care

scraphappy said...

Balancing work and life is always a trick. It sounds like you have settled into a nice routine, even if has taken time away from your quilting. Little bits of progress do add up with time, and your new additions look great.

Jan Maree said...

Sounds to me that you are doing ok. Hand quilting the green quilt is a task of love as it is for one of your sisters. I think you are doing great! Love all those blocks!

Kathy's A Quilter said...

love all your latest efforts, there is no race to get it all done. The process can be so enjoyable.

Deb A said...

Love the design walls and glad you got a little machine sewing in. The hand quilting is a long process so it sounds like you are actually getting a lot done. Balancing is always a challenge.