Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sewing & Knitting

Making progress!
I didn't work yesterday so I got to spend some time in my sewing room. I worked on a few more Engineer's Wife blocks and I now have 5 more done.

I thought I would sew some more this morning but I seemed to have got myself tangled up in some cotton yarn. I decided that I would make some knitted washcloths to give to my Mom for Mother's Day.

Truthfully, I am a beginner knitter and the first washcloth I made today definitely proves it. Almost every row I had to undo some stitches because I kept getting lost with the pattern, even though it is a very simple design. At some point, I did make a mistake and did one row completely out of pattern and I didn't notice it until I had gone quite a few rows past. Not only that, I also ran out of the yarn that I started the cloth with. I do have another ball of blue/neutral variegated but it is a different blue so I just finished it with a couple rows of plain neutral. I may have to keep this one for myself because there is just too much wrong with it.

I have started another one using yellow cotton and hopefully this one will go more smoothly. I do plan to make at least three washcloths and I will give them to her with some bath soap. Thankfully, I won't be seeing my Mom until Friday so I will have time to make them.

I want to go back into my sewing room and make a few more Engineer's Wife blocks this evening but I am feeling quite tired and just dragging myself around - I don't normally drink coffee but I think I will have one and see if it will perk me up enough to get going!


Jan Maree said...

those engineers wife blocks are coming along nicely - and I am sure your Mum will love her dishcloths!

soscrappy said...

Lovely collection of blocks. You got a lot done on your day off. I am sure the knitting will get easier with the next dish cloth, it is nice to have hand work around.