Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear Jane - Cabin Fever (A-9)

I have another Dear Jane block to add to my little collection! I modified the pattern a little bit by taking out a couple sewing lines and just making my freezer paper templates to fit the required size. It certainly simplified the pattern by reducing the number of pieces to 41. I also changed the orientation of the white strips that surround the center square. The pattern shows to make those 4 pieces join with partial seams but I just cut my template pieces to fit the square - 2 longer strips and 2 smaller strips that would join and eliminate the partial seams in the corners.

When I laid out the pieces of fabric to sew together I was a little confounded! I just didn't know where to start because there were so many tiny pieces that when they were all laid out they didn't look like they would all fit together.

It's not as noticeable in this picture but the back of the block has a 3 dimensional quality to it because there was so much overlap - the seam allowances are basically as big as the little pieces.


Deb A said...

Very pretty.

Jan Maree said...

It is a lovely block. looks fiddly though!

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I love your little pink and white block! It is so very cute! Love sis

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing more! Good job!