Saturday, April 7, 2012

Busy Day

Wow - I had such a lazy start to the day because I slept in until 8 am! I normally wake up between 5 - 6 so I guess I really needed those extra hours. I had a lot on my agenda today - first off I had to clean up the kitchen because no-one (meaning me) did the dishes or cleaned the counters last night, so I had to take care of that. Next, I made two loaves of bread and once I set that to rising I puttered around in the kitchen and I made a chicken salad for sandwiches (to use with our yummy fresh bread) and a bean salad that we had with our supper. I didn't need all of the beans for the salad so with the extras I made a bean chili. Once I exited the kitchen I hightailed it straight to my sewing room - finally!!!

Today is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and this month's colour is 'neutrals'. I was really challenged trying to think of what to do with neutrals. After thinking about it, I remembered that I had intended to make some log cabin blocks for another quilt so this month seems to be the perfect opportunity to get working on them. I managed to make 9 green blocks that will finish at 8". I raided my 1.5" strip bins and my string bins to make them and I think they turned out okay.

My sewing room is a mess!!
I thought I would show you a picture of what my sewing room looks like - I think a bomb went off around my cutting table! This is just one area of my room - the rest isn't much better. I have a lot of trouble working in such a mess because to me a cluttered space = a cluttered mind. Since I have started working my available time for sewing has really taken a hit so when I get in there I really want to sew - the last thing that gets done is tidying up. I am at the point now that I am feeling claustrophobic in there so I need to get crackin' at cleaning up. I will try to do some tidying tomorrow but the bulk of it will have to wait until Monday after work.


Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I see a little of my fabric in your new quilt! Happy about that. I am on the fence with the colours your using but i know when i see your quilts in person i end up just loving them! Love sis

Suzette said...

Really like your colors.

Sue said...

Your log cabin blocks look great. It is my favourite block. I like how versatile it is.

Jan Maree said...

I know how you feel about a messy work area! Love the log cabin blocks - almost a bit watermelony in those colours!

blauraute said...

Hi Ellen,
what wonderful log cabin blocks, beautiful neutral colors. I'm very interesting to see the quilt.
Happy Easter to you and your family.
Take care

soscrappy said...

Log cabin blocks are always so happy. As hard as it is to take time away from sewing, sometimes the clutter can take over. It is always so nice to ork in a nice clear space.

Cyn said...

Log Cabin blocks are one of my faves. So much can be done with them. I like your colors.
Don't feel bad about your sewing space, I'm sure you have lots of company! lol
Happy Easter.

Cathy Tomm said...

I love those little log cabins. My sewing room looks a lot like that mess you have. I think working with my scraps it is always messy.