Saturday, April 14, 2012

More Log Cabin Blocks

26 more blocks

35 blocks so far
Today is scrappy Saturday, the day to post my progress on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I made sure that I would have something to post....but...where the heck did the week go?? I actually spent a lot of time cutting and sewing today. I made 26 log cabin blocks and I also cut a bunch of neutral and green strips to the sizes I need to construct the blocks. I cut so many pieces that I have enough to make another big batch of blocks. I think these log cabin blocks will be sashed with the same solid red fabric that I am using for the center squares and that fabric still needs to be washed and cut to size.

Now that I am working (part-time) it seems I have very little time for sewing...welcome to the 'real world'. Originally, I was supposed to work 12 hours/wk over a 3 day period and occasionally work on a Thursday as well but it has already evolved into 4 days/wk and more than 18 hours with an offer for me to work on Friday as well - I declined! It sure was great getting my first paycheque though! It may be that these extra hours are just for a short period of time but I do have to be careful because I had a dream that I was really involved in some activity and when I wasn't paying attention someone stole my identification from my purse. I translate that to mean that I need to make sure I have time to sew!!

Hop on over to soscrappy's blog to see what other participants worked on this week.


soscrappy said...

Great progress on the log cabin blocks. It s such a fun block to sit and power sew. Hope the working doesn't take over all your time. It can happen in a hurry.

Jan Maree said...

Love those log cabins - the colours are my colours - love them!

Cathy Tomm said...

Great log cabin blocks. Green and creams with that touch of red is just one of the best. My mom did a log cabin quilt in green, cream and red centres. Yes life gets crazy when you fit work in to our lives.

make.share.give said...

Very pretty log cabins. Love the green and red.