Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Midget Block - #56

Finished Block

This block certainly was such a challenge for me! I actually worked on it over a 3 day period in bits and pieces of time and I was glad for that because I really did need to take frequent "rests" from working on it. I read up about applique at various sites on the web and knew that I was supposed to reverse the design and I don't know where I went wrong because it ended up being the reverse of the finished block shown on the instruction sheet.

 Overall, I think I did an acceptable job for being a newcomer to applique (this is my second time) but I am a little disappointed about the tips of my tulips. No matter how much I tried I could not get the innies to go as deep or as sharp as they were supposed to be and I could not get the points to work out either. As a matter of fact, I did the purple tulip twice and messed it up both times but I have decided to leave it the way it is. I found that if I cut a little deeper into the innie then I was unable to turn the fabric under.

I am learning so much from making these little blocks as well as my Dear Jane blocks and learning new skills is always a good thing. I know that my applique will get better with practice and maybe I just need to use a different technique instead of back basting when I am working with shapes like the tulip tips. This was my first time doing embroidery and I used a very simple outline stitch for the stems as directed in the instructions. I am happy with the way it turned out. I have cross-stitched previously so I do have a good selection of embroidery floss available to me and it was great that I was able to easily find the colour that I wanted to use.


Cathy said...

Have you looked at the tutorials the Erin does on her blog One Piece at a Time? She does really good instructions for "innies" and "outies"

Deb A said...

It looks great to me Ellen! I liked the tutorial over at Connecting Threads using the freezer paper applique. It helped me to have something to wrap or tuck the fabric under when I was doing the applique.

scraphappy said...

I think your tulips look great! I never understood the need to reverse everything. Nobody sees the original pattern anyway, so who would notice a mirror image? My favorite applique tutorial is the one at the fabric therapy blog. It uses freezer paper ironed onto the top to establish the correct shape. It took two tries, but by the second time I was getting nice sharp peaks and valleys. I've tried the whole needle turn route, but It takes a certain finesse that I haven't gotten the hang of yet.

Cath said...

Somehow I think that back basting is awkward as the edges are floppy and don't keep their shape. Come over and see how I do it on my site http://cathquilts.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/how-do-you-do.html - Just a suggestion!
@ Bits 'n Bobs

Jan Maree said...

I don't do hand applique - too fiddly with sore hands - well that is my excuse ;-) but yours looks great for so little time doing it! The points are always hard and it looks like there is lots of good advice out there for you to learn from - great job!

Sue said...

You did a good job. Keep trying different methods and different tutorials until you find one you are happy with. It won't take long.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I think your tulips look wonderful! You did a really great job and are learning so many more skills doing your Dear Jane and Miniature blocks.
love sis

Teaquilts said...

So glad you are still working on the blocks. I haven't been online to cheer you on but popped in today to read some older posts. Love the blocks I've seen and your fabric colors are awesome.