Monday, April 16, 2012

Engineer's Wife Blocks

Friendship Star, Steps to the Altar, Cups and Saucers

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Yesterday, I worked on making 3 more blocks - I am still behind and a new batch for the Sow-A-long will be released on Wednesday but that's okay because I am happy that I am back to making them. I am pretty sure it won't take me too long to get caught up and I should be back on track for the first release of May blocks. I had hoped to get some more sewn tonight but that just didn't happen, although, I did spend some time picking out fabrics for one of the next blocks I have lined up. It seems that picking the fabrics takes far longer to do than actually sewing them! So, the latest additions are Friendship Star, Steps to the Altar and Cups and Saucers. I used the paper-piecing pattern provided by Bonnie Hunter when I made the Cups and Saucers block and it was really quite easy to put together.

When I went to add my pictures to my post I had a little surprise - I've used up all of my "free" storage space and I had to purchase more!!


Jan Maree said...

Great blocks and they all look great together.

soscrappy said...

Terrific looking collection so far. It is amazing how you manage to keep so many projects moving forward at the same time.

Josie said...

Fabric picking is one tough job and you are great at it! Love your colour choices and combinations. The Engineers Wife shoud be proud of herself!