Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Batch of Log Cabin Blocks

Wow - 65 blocks!
It was another fantastic, productive day in my sewing room. I actually spent so much time in there today that for tonight's supper I have a meal made from convenience food baking in the oven as I write this. I don't think anyone will mind too much....even if it is already quite least they are getting something to eat and they don't have to make it.

I started out the morning tidying my sewing room and putting lots of stuff away and then I started cutting scraps and larger pieces of neutral fabric into 1.5" strips for my log cabin blocks. I then cut the strips down to the correct lengths that I need for my blocks. I already had quite a bit pre-cut from last week but I had just washed some neutral fabrics and I thought I would add them to the mix. I do need to cut some more 1.5" strips of green fabric for next week though. After making this latest batch of blocks today I am running short of quite a few of the sizes. Having the pieces cut ahead of time sure does make for easy piecing of these blocks - totally relaxed, mindless sewing. I got 30 blocks sewn today - look how full my design wall is!

I am linking up to Scrappy Saturday at soscrappy's blog for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Hop on over to check out what everyone else had going on in their sewing rooms.


soscrappy said...

Your log cabin blocks look great! So smart to cut the logs to the right lengths. It makes such nicely sized blocks.

Jan Maree said...

it looks so yummy Ellen. i love log cabins and I love these colours! How big are you aiming to make it?

Quilter Kathy said...

Wow...what a great quilt you are sewing! This block has so many fun're going to show us all the options, right?!?!

Deb A said...

Wow! I think the little elves have been busy helping you out in making these. They seem to have multiplied quickly. Great job.