Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jacob's Ladder of Love

Total of 31 finished blocks!
I have been moving right along with this quilt. Last week I had prepped 17 blocks to have at the ready for when I was ready to start sewing and well...I got them done! Having the blocks prepared ahead of time certainly made it a lot easier to accomplish my task. Personally, I really do like to get all of my cutting done ahead of time but this cutting in batches thing will work too. I think this will end up being a fantastic quilt for my nephew Jake and I am pretty sure he will be happy to know that I am making progress on it. I do still have quite a way to go before I have enough blocks made though. This last bunch went together without any problems at all - yippee! As soon as I find some available time I will start looking through my precut strips for more blues and beiges to make more blocks. For many of the blocks in this latest batch I used leftover fabric from a future quilt that has been cut out and waiting for sewing for my niece Amanda (Jake's cousin).  I do think I am pretty well to the point that I need to start cutting some strips from yardage though. I am fine with repeating fabrics in this quilt - I just don't want too many of the blocks to be exactly the same.

While I was sewing the latest batch of blocks together I was thinking about my nephew and somehow I got the name for this quilt - Jacob's Ladder of Love....I am so sappy!!


Kylie Lloyd said...

Your Jacob's ladder blocks look great. Your nephew is going to love his quilt.

Brenda said...

I think your quit is beautiful! And I love that you are using 'leftover' fabrics and not all the same one for this, it makes the blocks unique and fun and makes the quilt have it's own movement and it is coming together quite nicely!!!

I had another blog lady doing the block and even though I had seen the block in books before, the two of you are making me want to make this block too!!
Love it!!

Jan Maree said...

Nothing wrong with sappy - this is going to be one gorgeous quilt and it is going to be a wonderful family heirloom for Jacob! Lucky boy!

I Quilt for Fun said...

Love this!