Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Jane - Hunter's Moon (A-3)

To me the easiest part of making this block was saying I was going to make it! I learned a lot - first off - I have never appliqued before and I did find it challenging. I cut out my little melon shapes from the fabric and then my next thought was oh! now what do I do??
I ended up not using these at all!

I decided that it would be easier to use the back-basting method. So, I put those little shapes aside and I proceeded to tracing the melon shapes on the wrong side of the background fabric and then realized that I had them oriented incorrectly.

Look closely-you can see the incorrect markings.
I needed to place them in the correct position so I folded the freezer-paper pattern into quarters and cut along the marked line to make my 1/4 circle template. I aligned that onto my fabric that I had folded into quarters and traced along the edge of the paper. I did this to all four inner corners of the folded fabric square. That gave me the circular alignment markings to place the melon shapes for tracing.

I placed a rectangle of fabric on the front of the main fabric, back-basted and trimmed it a bit and then proceeded to stitching it. I got a little over-confident and trimmed the points too close and my first melon ended up not being long enough and I didn't realize it until I added the second melon. I definitely had to do the first one again because the tip was shredded!

I had to remove one of these melons!
It was very slow going for me to make this block and it definitely did not finish perfectly but I did my best and I will leave it as it is. To me, my Dear Jane journey is about having a beautiful completed quilt and it is also about learning new skills and techniques. I hope that my applique skills improve and that one day I will be able to say confidently that, yes, I can applique. I have seen so many gorgeous applique pieces that I would love to make one day but....I do have to start at the beginning.


Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

You're doing so good on the Dear Janes!! Love this one. I'm Dear Jane-ing vicariously through you--I just love seeing everyone's interpretation of that quilt. So fascinating. xo

Deb A said...

I think you did a great job and it does not look at all like your first applique attempt! Looks really good to me.

Brenda said...

I think you are right to leave the block as is - it is your journey and this is one of the learning curves (or should i say 'melon'?!) along the way and I think it is a nice block.

I love appliqued blocks!! I find patterns that I think are just beautiful and buy them, but, I don't applique!! I need to get comfortable with it and just do it - but then I do and leave it half done..... Good for you finishing and not giving up!!!

My UFO project for this month is - finishing 2 project, they are both small, that I started a few years ago. Halloween ones that I know will work up fast, and all I have to do is sew around the pieces.... funny what can stop you isn't it.

No, it's not funny. It's awful!! But I have to just get in there and do these - they have been weighing me down for to long. And look at what you did!!! Great job!!

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I love your Hunter's Moon Block! Your applique looks great! Really love the little pattern fabrics that you are choosing! Love sis

Josie said...

Snap!! I've made this block twice already too ;o) It's a tricky little so and so isn't it. I agree about Dear Jane being a journey that will leave us more skillful and much wiser at the end. Either that or bald! :o))

Jan Maree said...

You are such a good girl for persevering. I think you did great! Better than I would have done!