Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Jane - Cathie's Campfire (A-5)

Final Block
Group Shot

I did it - I got it done! I love the fabric I have chosen to use for this little block. It is a reddish orange and from a distance the motifs make me think of flames and embers - perfect for Cathie's Campfire. I finished sewing this block last night but after having a look at it I was not impressed at all. I can forgive many different transgressions when it comes to piecing these blocks - I am not perfect and neither are my blocks - but...this one had a hole where a group of seams came together and that is not acceptable ever.

Yikes - very bad sewing job!

You can also see in my photo that when I laid out my templates to trace them I still did not leave enough space for two seam allowances and I was really trying to pay attention to that! When will I learn!!

This morning, I undid the last two seams where I had sewn the sub-units together and resewed them and I think I did do a little better job of aligning things together.

When I first started this project I thought that I would follow the design of the original Dear Jane quilt and use similar colours and layout. Yesterday, I was thinking about my Dear Jane journey and decided that I really do want it to be my Dear Jane quilt so now I am going to use whatever fabrics/colours/placement that I want to.

There is a big change in the weather today. It is a little cooler, darker and dreary with rain. Kind of the way I have been feeling the last little while. I am still not feeling great and I am beginning to think that I actually have food poisoning and not a virus.


blauraute said...

Dear Ellen,
your DJ-Block looks great, I love the colors so much.
I hope you will soon be better.
Since a week we've spring.
Take care

Cathy said...

Love your blocks. Are you stitching them by hand or machine? I love you colours, and I agree that you should go with your own, using what you have and what you like, and make it yours. Hope you feel better soon.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Your DJ blocks look great, glad you will keep this for yourself and enjoy what fabrics you choose!

scraphappy said...

I think your colors will look great, after all, it is your quilt. Sorry about the unsewing, but it looks great. You are making great progress so far.

Jan Maree said...

Sorry to hear that you are still not feeling great - hope you are on the mend real soon. Love your block though - so cool!

greelyrita said...

I'm just south of Ottawa which must be kind of near you. Same weather exactly. Do you think you got caught in that salmonella thing they were reporting recently? I've had food poisoning too. Not fun. It's rest-up/recoup weather. Have some yogurt maybe followed by a cup of camomile tea.

Deb A said...

Oh no! I hope you are feeling better and are resting up this week. I think your DJ's are wonderful and choosing colors that inspire you as you make them will really make it 'your' quilt.