Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blue Seven Sisters Quilt

Some of you may have read in earlier posts that I am making a series of Seven Sisters quilts for my six sisters and of course, me. All seven of these quilts are being sewn by hand and they will all be hand-quilted as well. I have shown bits of my progress on the first quilt - at this point it is called "the green one" and I have almost finished quilting it! I have shown a little bit of progress on "the fuchsia one" that I am currently piecing, and I have also shown the completed flimsy of "the paisley one". This is the first time that I have shown "the blue one".

I have completed all of the blocks and I am currently making and adding the sashing. I had originally chosen a different blue fabric but you know how it goes....lay it down and it gets used for something else! So, last year?? I bought this replacement blue fabric and I really hope it works. In the photos it looks extremely dark but in real life it does look much better. I just finished sewing the sashing to the center blocks and I have cut the sashing for the sides of the outer blocks and a few horizontal pieces as well. A little more cutting, a little more sewing and I will have another finished flimsy ready for basting and quilting! This is definitely a long term project, a labour of love, and I know it is not a project that will be completed overnight.
border fabric

I have to put it away for another day though because I am going to visit with my sister Glenda today and I really do have to get some chores done before I go!!


Brenda said...

Wow!! Seven girls!! We were a family of 4 girls - with one bathroom for awhile!! That would have made for some crazy times! And this is a beautiful quilt idea!! Do they know about this? Are you going to save them and give them at once - or as they are done, let them go? Oh, this is a project and a half!! But beautiful!! You Go Girl!! Wonderful idea!!

Jan Maree said...

WOW! How special are those quilts going to be!!! Are you going to keep them all til the last one is finished and then hand them all out at the same time or as they finish pass them on. So impressed and I bet your sisters will be!

Cheryl said...

Thank you Ellen! I know how special and how important these quilts are to you and to all of our sisters! They are so beautiful and so filled with love, something we all needed, something we all share. Love sis

Quilter Kathy said...

A true labour of love! It's amazing how your block looks as perfect from the back as from the front!