Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leftovers Again!

Leftovers - 14 Blocks
Just like many other quilters, I have a few projects on the go that I have been spending time here and there working on. One of those projects is my Leftovers quilt. The actual name of this quilt is "It's Not Leftovers Until Everyone Has Finished Eating". There is a story behind this quilt name - of course! I worked full-time when my sons were younger so whenever I was able I would follow the rule of "cook once eat two or three times". So I would plan for leftovers whenever I made a meal. Both of my boys were very good eaters, not very picky and always hungry. One particular evening, after Adam had at least two helpings, I was trying to clear things away and rescue put the leftovers away for the next night's dinner (I certainly thought I had made enough). Well, my son had other ideas and he wanted to eat more because he was still hungry. I had told him to leave the leftovers alone because they were for the next day. He said with great annoyance - Mom...they are not leftovers until everyone has finished eating! Adam must have been going through a major growth spurt at the time and he was already very tall and very thin and apparently very hungry. I still laugh whenever I think of this incident!

When I saw this quilt on Lori from Humble Quilts blog I just loved it and I had to make it. When I saw the name I knew it was meant to be.


Quilter Kathy said...

Great story...and wonderful family memories!

Cathy said...

I love it, when a quilt brings back memories of family. And I love this pattern. Stay tuned to a blog near you for further versions of this quilt.

blauraute said...

Dear Ellen,
it's a wonderful story. I've two boys too, and I know what you mean. You pattern looks great, wonderful work.
Enjoy the days in your sewing room.
Take care

Judee said...

Great story and great chains.

Sandra said...

This is going to turn out great. Haven't thought of this arrangement before, but it's giving me ideas :-)

Jan Maree said...

I still think your quilt is coming along beautifully but i really llove th story behind the name of it - priceless!

gallant.cheryl@gmail.com said...

Hi Ellen

Every time i hear that story it makes me laugh. I am so happy you and Adam will always have this memory because every time Adam pulls that quilt up over him he will think of his mother and how she really fed them well!!!love sis