Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy Day!

My sister Cheryl came to visit yesterday morning and we worked on her quilt - Spring Romance. I had finished off the quilting a week or so ago and it was ready for binding. I showed her how I square up my quilts and then she attached the binding to the front by machine. I also showed her how to hand stitch the binding to the back.
First Leftovers Blocks Completed
The rest of the day ended up being one where I did a little of this and a little of that. I now have 7 blocks for my Leftovers quilt made and I do have many more to make. It is hard for me to tell if it will all work but it is a scrappy quilt so in theory it should all work together. Another thing I worked on was my green Seven Sisters quilt that I am hand quilting. I have recently started reading Kelli's blog Seriously..I think it needs stitches and saw that she has a hand-quilting frame set up and ready to use at all times. I will admit I was feeling some envy so I immediately started looking on Kijiji for one. I really could not afford at this time to spend a huge amount of money but I did find a simple frame reasonably priced. My husband picked it up for me and we put it together over the weekend. I hope it is put together correctly!!?? Oh my goodness - it is huge. The good thing about it is that I have already started using it. We will see how long it will be before I upgrade but for now it is working. I would really like one where I wouldn't have to baste the quilt first. Now, I am hoping to make serious progress on my series of Seven Sisters quilts.
My Gigantic Hand Quilting Frame!
I also want to mention that recently I have been having difficulty commenting on blogs that do not have their comments set as a "pop-up" box. My comments just disappear into thin air! I don't know what has changed with Blogger but I do know that this has been a problem for other bloggers in the past.


blauraute said...

Hi Ellen,
you are so busy and thera are so gorgeous things you made. The last two weeks we have summer time and I'm sitting in the garden and doing some embroderies for christmas. Your hand quilting frame looks very nice. I've never such a frame before.
Have a nice week and take care

Mary said...

Congratulations on your new frame. It looks like a good one.

Judee said...

A Leftover quilt- what a great idea! That frame really does look huge. Have fun with it.

scraphappy said...

Putting a quilt on a frame always does make it look huge, but what a nice way to be able to sit and stitch in spare moments. It is a lovely quilt and will be such a treasure with hand quilting.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I like the looks of your Leftover quilt, great design. My first quilt was hand-quilted and I used a frame. That really made it easier, didn't make me any fast though :)

Jan Maree said...

Loving the leftover quilt idea - looks great so far. Also loving the 7 sisters quilt and the frame! How big is it? It is hard to tell from the photo. enjoy it!

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Hooray for a hand quilting frame! How did I miss this post? I have had a rather busy week and haven't had much time to browse my reader and comment. I've tried but obviously missed out on some! I love your leftovers!! I have always been a fan of scrappy. :)