Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Raven Stars Quilt-Along Progress

Raven Stars Quilt-Along
I have just finished making up my blocks for the sew along that Amy from Amy's Passions hosted. She posted the final step today and she also posted her finished quilt top. Her quilt top looks terrific! I have enjoyed following along with the quilt-along and so far I am pleased with my results. I am not able to really visualize what my finished quilt tops will look like so I just kind of "jump right in" and hope for the best when picking fabrics. When making a quilt I also usually go through a period where I am not sure of my choices and I start to second guess everything but I am starting to recognize that as part of my quilt-making process. Sometimes I really do need to pay attention to it but most times I just need to acknowledge it and move on. I hope to finish stitching the top together and add the borders over the next couple days, of course, that means I will have another quilt that needs backing, basting and quilting. This picture doesn't do justice to the green flower fabric in the 9 patches. They don't look quite like they do in real-life - they look much clearer and sharper and I don't think quite so dark. Since getting my puppy Molly, I have not had anywhere near the time I would normally have for quilting. She is a very nice pup and we are still working on the housebreaking and general training. She is almost 16 weeks old and I can't believe how much she has grown since I got her.


Crispy said...

Lovely quilt!! I really like quilts with secondary designs in them. Sounds like you need to concentrate on getting some of the backlog caught up LOL. (yeah, like I have any right to say that since I haven't done any quilting in 2 months LOL)


Cheryl said...

Hey Ellen

I think this quilt is turning out wonderful! It is not as dark as i had imagined. I cannot wait to see the boarders as you described to me. I think the boards are going to pop this quilt into a beauty! love sis

Susanne said...

Raven Stars looks so pretty! Isn't it neat to do a repeating block and see all sorts of secondary patterns you'd never expect?
Thank you for the book suggestion. It's now on my wish list on paperbackswap. But- I just now found a similar pattern for free at called Jelly Roll Posies for Baby. I'm still gonna try a scrappy shamrock, though.
Happy weekend!

scraphappy said...

What a beautiful top! I think the fabrics look great together. So glad you were able to join in the quilt along.

Jane said...

I thought it was a stunning quilt when she started doing this one. The colours you've chosen are very striking, Have fun getting it finished