Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - A Little Taggy Quilt

Molly's Taggy Quilt
I know this may seem a little indulgent but I decided to make a little taggy quilt for my puppy Molly. I know she is a dog and I treat her like one (she's not allowed on the furniture, she sleeps in a kennel not our bed, etc.) but that doesn't mean that I can't treat her like a "special dog". When I first got her, my sister Glenda gave her a couple soft stuffed animals to play with. I noticed that Molly absolutely loved chewing and playing with the "new material" tags so I thought a taggy blanket might work. I had these squares left over from making my son Eric's quilt (The River) so I stitched them together and then added some tags that I made from scraps. Once I stitched the tags to the top (with multiple sewing lines) I added the batting and backing. There was not going to be any binding so I folded the backing over the batting and stitched the edges before attaching it to the top. I then stitched along the outer edge of the quilt top - I went around twice to make sure it was really secure. I have never made a flannel quilt but I do have flannel remnants that had belonged to my sister-in-law so I used a piece for the backing and I quilted straight lines to hold it together.

Molly enjoying her new quilt

When my husband first saw the taggy quilt it was laying on the kitchen floor and his first response was "why is one of your quilts on the floor?" and when I told him it was for the dog he just shook his head. 


Jan Maree said...

I think that is gorgeous! And so is Molly! Surely she deserves her own little quilt!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen....Molly is a sweetheart and she looks like she has taken possession of that wonderful little quilt you made for her....what beauty comes from love ... all of your beautiful quilts...and your Molly

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen...the last comment was from me...just forgot to put in ....xo .... glenda

Judee said...


Crispy said...

I think dogs need quilts too. I made one for my grandpuppy and he loves it!!

Your pup is so cute!!


Amy said...

Oh gosh---I showed Molly's picture to my three girls, and it was an instant round of "awwwwwww's" :0). Very stinkin' cute!!!

And the new quilt....lovely finish using up those greens.

I've been perusing your last couple of weekly posts and Lucky Stars is such a lovely finish!!! Glad you were able to participate. I'm sure my student-designer will be overjoyed knowing that others have enjoyed his design enough to join in.

Angela said...

I think that's such a cute idea, all pets should have there own quilts I say :)!!