Friday, February 4, 2011

Full of Wonder

Full of Wonder
I have finally finished making this quilt top. Full of Wonder has been a bit of a journey and I am so happy with it! It took up most of my time this past week to get it completed and I think it looks fabulous. I know that my sister Christine is going to just love it. While I was piecing the blocks I had it hanging in my sewing room and everytime I walked into the room it made me smile. If you go back to this post you will read about and see a picture of this quilt top. I have since removed the offending border and added 8 blocks to make it larger. I made enough units to make 12 blocks but in the end I decided that 8 was enough. Each block is 19" finished and the layout is 4 x 5 so now this quilt top is 76.5" x 95.5". I really thought I would have it all done in a day or two because I had precut the fabric a while ago in anticipation of completing it. I had actually forgotten how long it took to make each block - it is scrappy but in a controlled format so I had to really pay attention to placement of fabric/colour. There also seemed to be so many steps to complete each block - I had forgotten about that too! I hope I did get everything balanced because I was challenged by adding blocks to an already completed quilt top. I will not be adding a border to this quilt top - it is big enough. I just need to make the binding (red) and backing and then I can proceed with basting and quilting it.

Happy Birthday to my sister Sandra!


Crispy said...

What a beautiful quilt Ellen!! It makes me smile too :0)


Quilter Kathy said...

It's beautiful! And way better without the border...good call!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I looked back at the border you had added and your quilt looks so much prettier without it. Beautiful! Can't believe how much you get finished hand quilting.

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I really love this quilt. I love the pattern of the stars and cannot wait to see the end result.

love sis

Cathy said...

That is totally, absolutely, wonderfully, bee-you-tee-full!