Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Basting my Quilts

Basting Seven Sisters

I thought I would write a post about how I go about basting my quilts. I use this method whether I am going to quilt by hand or machine. When I baste I use thread not pins. I found that when I used pins I would accidently run them over when machine quilting and that was not a good thing. I tried different methods of basting including the batting that can be ironed on and spray glue and did not have good results with either. When I first started thread basting I would tape the backing, the batting and the quilt top to the floor and carefully crawl around on it to baste it. Then I found a tutorial on-line by Sharon Schamber that showed her technique for hand basting with thread and I tried it and it worked for me. Janet from Quiltsalott has also used this method successfully. My husband cut me three sets of different sized boards for different quilt sizes (I didn't want to use really long boards if I was just basting a baby quilt!).  Just as Janet from Quiltsalott does, I also use tape (green painters tape) to hold the edges of the quilt to the boards when starting to roll. Just a word of caution, I have found that I really have to be very careful removing the tape from the edges of the fabric particularly when using a very popular brand of solid fabric because the fabric just seems to shred very easily.  I will say that since using this method I have not had any trouble basting and no problems when quilting - either by hand or machine.

Currently I use my dining room table for basting and I protect it with cardboard - but I still use the floor to roll my fabric onto the boards. If the quilt is very large, I add the extensions to the table and use my cutting mats if the cardboard is too short.

Here is the quilt all basted - it is one of my Seven Sisters quilts that I will be hand quilting so when I basted it I made sure to take lots of back stitches to ensure it was thoroughly stabilized. For machine quilting I normally only backstitch at the end of my thread. My husband is working on finishing our basement and once that is done I will have an old ping-pong table available for basting, ironing large pieces of fabric, etc. - I can't wait!

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Crispy said...

My house is just too little to use this method, I wish I could!! I just pin baste everything but then I don't machine quilt :0)