Monday, January 10, 2011

The Ugly Duckling and The Swan - Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I am very late posting my progress for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I had a challenge of my very own - my hard drive crashed. My husband tried to reformat the darn thing but it wouldn't cooperate so he bought me a new hard drive and he finished the installation yesterday.
This is what my scraps looked like while I was piecing the crumb blocks for RSC. Everytime I look at that picture I have to laugh. This is what I had left even after using many of my neutral strings to make the string blocks for Bonnie Hunter's RRCB Mystery Quilt. I really do need this scrap challenge! Who could believe that such sweet crumb blocks could come from this mess. This is my progess so far on this month's blue challenge. I had originally thought I would use only scraps but I really don't know what I was thinking. Most of my true scraps are very small pieces and strings - how could I think that I would get a whole quilt including borders/sashing and backing from them. All of the blue crumb blocks are from my scrap bins but I must confess that I need to shop my stash for the bigger pieces. I really don't want to make any purchases for the RSC but please don't hold me to it!


scraphappy said...

Your crumb blocks are just perfect. I love the way you have sashed them with the white and the black. Glad you were able to shop the stash.

julieQ said...

Loving those blues!! Very original setting for your crumb blocks...pretty!

Melinda said...

Love it! May I copy it for a different color month?

Crispy said...

You have my permission to go shopping, but ONLY if it's necessary. I will not give you a description of the word necessary as it seems to be one with lots of variety LOL.


Oh, pretty quilt!!