Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Handquilting Brother Love
I spent quite a bit of time working on the quilt for my brother Mark yesterday.  Last night my eldest son and I were sitting in the family room together. He was watching the Toronto vs Carolina hockey game while playing his guitar and singing and chatting with me and I was just happily stitching away. What could be better? He is feeling less pain and is much better at walking with his cast.  I have really enjoyed his time here but he will be going back to his place in a day or two and then I will get my sewing room back. I really miss it! 
Handquilting Brother Love

I have decided to call my brother's quilt Brother Love. I have made great progress (and I have a sore underfinger to prove it) and I am working on the last side of the border. I had already gone around the quilt border once with free-hand baptist fans so now I just need to add another row and a half down this last side to complete it.

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Crispy said...

Hi Ellen, thank you for leaving the nice comment about my NYB quilt :0) I would would love to see the pattern you used for this pretty red quilt.

You are set as a no-reply blogger so I couldn't reply directly to you. If you would send me an e-mail at crispybrin at netzero dot net (don't send as a comment to my blog), I would be happy to give you the instrutions so that people can reply to your comments. Also, I can let you know how to have any comments made to your blog come directly to your email box :0).