Thursday, February 18, 2021

Digging Into My Scraps

fabric selections for now
I had a bit of a surprise and a little rough start when I jumped back into my Cheddarback quilt. There was a stack of patterns printed out ready and waiting for me to work on and based on that I thought I was more than half finished all of the quilt blocks. I soon discovered that not all of the patterns were there!

I looked on my computer to see if I had downloaded the missing patterns into my Cheddarback file folder and they were not there either. It took me a while but I finally figured out where they were stored on my computer and I was able to print them out. Whew!

I would have been disappointed if I hadn't made a point of getting them as they were released. I can't tell you how many quilt patterns I have done that with. I always start out great - downloading the patterns as they are released and then something happens and I forget and I only end up with half of the quilt patterns required to make the quilt.😞

I spent some time in the morning yesterday digging through my reproduction fabric scraps and selecting the fabrics that I want to use for several blocks. This is one of the most fun things to do. Most of these scraps are not scraps from my fabric stash so they are almost always new to me. Someone else's scraps are always so much more interesting than our own...don't you agree?

I actually purchased quite a few reproduction scrap bags several years ago so that I would have a lot of variety to add to my stash and it has worked out great. Having this luxury also means that I have to really work at making sure I have enough of each chosen fabric piece to complete a block requirement and that requires lots of digging. With that comes lots of ooohs and aaahs as I discover wonderful bits and pieces of beautiful fabrics. 😄


Deb A said...

Always fun to go through our stash and pet all the fabric again. Happy stitching.

scraphappy said...

Digging through someone else's scraps sounds like so much fun! Glad that you were able to find all the patterns. Keeping track of everything seems to be getting harder these days!

Cheryl said...

Hi Ellen

I also remember oohing and awing over those scraps as we sat on your living room floor sorting them into piles by colour.

Love sis