Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Midget Block #93 - Cross & Crown

I got another cute little midget block finished. In honour of the colour purple for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month I decided to make mine with purple fabrics.

I followed the recommended piecing method and paper-pieced this block. I didn't have too much difficulty or use more fabric than I thought I should. Maybe I am getting better at it. lol

My little block makes me think of Spring even if it looks like this outside. It has been quite cold and at 6:30 this morning it is -15C (5F). It is supposed to warm up on Wednesday to 4C (39F) - virtually balmy weather. :)


Deb A said...

Pretty block. I miss the snow.... of course it is shorts weather where I am. Might be why I miss it =).

Chantal said...

Tiny little crown in that block. Great job. Love the color too. We too got an avalanche of snow over the weekend and then we got freezing rain to make it all shiny! But we don't have hurricane ... or mosquitoes! ;^)